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A product or service journey starts with a deep understanding of the people embarking on it. Who are those involved? What are the tangible as well as invisible forces that drive their social/cultural norms? What are their motivations and aspirations? How can their desires be met? It is through ethnographic studies – by focusing our research on the humans behind the project – that we can begin our work with empathy.

Related Services
• Client/Customer ethnography
• User case study and scenario workshop


Every success was at one point in time just a simple idea. Our methodology embraces the power and potential of ideas by fostering an environment that encourages possibilities. Why must we say “this or that” when we can instead say “this and that”? Think laterally – what we are looking for might only be a switch of a perspective away.

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• Reframing workshop
• Rapid ideation
• Concept design


The collision between our physical and digital worlds has rapidly accelerated life in contemporary society. As our norms and behaviors evolve under this acceleration, our expectations for how we should feel as we interact with technology are also changing. Designing for satisfaction, profitability, and longevity thus demands that we approach from the perspectives of us – humans living in contemporary, technologically saturated society.

Related Service
• UI/UX design


Business challenges in today’s technologically-driven society require new, creative ways of thinking that break from convention wisdom. Rethinking corporate strategies can embrace possibilities and encourage disruptive innovation.

Related Services
• Brand consulting
• Marketing strategies
• Systemic and infrastructural redesign


We have been taught in science to isolate variables, but we and everything around us are interconnected in an incredibly complex way. To understand anything within this network, we must acknowledge that when connections interact, they emerge as something far greater than their mere sum. In our human-centered design work, we hold this principle of systems thinking close to our hearts, because it is through reframing an issue in the big-picture context that we can reach across silos and see the emergent behaviors of a system.

Related Service
• Evaluative analytics
• Ideation


We develop models to test ideas once we have formulated succinct directions, but we believe that it is almost just as imperative that we prototype iteratively throughout the design process so that we throw out our implicit assumptions about the world and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Related Service
• Prototype design and construction


Catching key design issues and missed opportunities in early prototypes is instrumental in shortening development time and avoiding costly redos. Our expertise in user experience design can help evaluate the feedback we receive and spot these issues long before a product reaches customers.

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• UX testing
• Qualitative data analyses
• Data visualization


We design and engineer environments and objects that sense and respond to external conditions and user stimuli. We mediate the interaction between users and products, services, or spaces – creating feedback loops that increase the user engagement. These extra-informative situations guide customer behaviors as well as future decision-making for your business.

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• Interactive interventions
• Sensor-based actuation and response
• Mobile responsive applications
• Immersive/Augmented spaces and environments