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January 21st, 2013

INVIVIA developed Redacted, a multiplayer and multiplatform web adaptation of the hit board game Cards Against Humanity, as an example of the cutting-edge in rapid prototyping, security, maintainability, software deployment and responsive design. This game adapts automatically to any screen size and any input method, with a minimalist but idiot-proof design that highlights exactly where to click and tap with layout and color.

Built on the web framework Meteor, Redacted comfortably scales up to tens of thousands of users on commodity server hardware. It is written in JavaScript front-to-back. It uses web standards to provide multiplatform location-based matchmaking, hardware-accelerated animation on mobile devices and ARIA-compliant (accessible) content. And it uses analytics on player’s matches to automatically adjust the content of the game. Written in two weeks, it is the model of INVIVIA’s vision of rapid development of cutting-edge technology, design and user experience concepts.



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